Woman Refuses to Give Her House to Her Sister. Is She Wrong?

Doesn’t this sound like a deal?

You buy a house and I get to live in it!

It’s a win-win for everyone, right?

Well, maybe not…

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AITA for refusing to give my house to my sister?

“So me and my boyfriend recently bought a house together.

We’re both 25, and we were able to buy a house relatively early since houses aren’t too expensive where I am. We also live with our 6 month old Bernadoodle Puppy, and our 5 year old Bulldog who we rescued. We don’t plan on having children, so the primary reason’s for buying a house was to have room for ourselves and our dogs. I should note that my parents are supportive of my decision.

My sister, who is 26, is not childfree however. She currently has a 1 year old daughter, and recently found out that she is pregnant again. Last week, she called me to ask if she could live in our house. She offered to pay £1200 per month in rent, so that we could rent out a nice place of our own.

I asked why she wanted to do this, and she explained that she wants room for her children (our house has 4 bedrooms, which is quite large for a house in the UK). I explained to her that as much as I would like to be able to help her, me and my boyfriend worked hard to buy a house, so we didn’t want to leave and go back to renting. She immediately got really pi**y with me.

She said that I’m “selfish” for buying a house when I don’t want kids, when there are so many families, such as hers, who could use my house. She also critiqued me for buying a bernadoodle puppy (side note: we would’ve rescued if we could, however, none of the rescues in our area had a bernadoodle, so we made sure to buy from a reputable breeder).

After I told her that she wouldn’t be getting to live in my house, she told me that me and my husband will never have a family, regardless of how many “mutts” we fill it with. I haven’t spoken to her since.

Today, my father called me. I told him about how ridiculous my sister was being, however, he sided with her, although, not nearly as crazily. He said that I should “think about it”, since I’d be doing my sister a “favour.”

AITA for not doing this for my sister?”

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An individual agreed and said the person who wrote the post would most likely end up covering ALL expenses.

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