Woman Spots a Rare and Beautiful Bug That Looks Like a Piece of Art

Photo Credit: Facebook

Margaret Neville was walking through her garden at her farm in South Africa when she noticed an extraordinary creature.

A highly unusual insect perched on a branch in her lavender bush. “I was amazed at first sight,” Neville told The Dodo.

“Amazed,” just about covers it.

The incredible insect had delicate green and white wings with an artistic swirl on top. Little purple petals seem to be clinging to her sides, head and legs.

What Neville found is called a flower mantis, a type of praying mantis that is specially camouflaged to live safe from predators among flowers.

Neville returned the magnificent mantis to the lavender. But not before giving her a name—Miss Frilly Pants.

This video shows Miss Frilly Pants enjoying her natural habitat:

Neville brought the flower mantis to a world of people who didn’t even know they existed until she posted her pictures online.

Miss Frilly Pants even got a date out of her image going viral.

We all know how this is will end for mister. The females of the species are infamously unforgiving of their mates. But, hey, look on the bright side: Miss Frilly Pants may soon have little frilly pantses.

How much more beautiful the planet for them?