Woman Wants to Know if She’s Wrong for Kicking Her Mom Out of the House

Throw Momma From the House.

That was the name of that movie from the 1980s, right?

Oh, wait, that was Throw Momma From the TRAIN.

Sorry about that…

Anyway, this woman wants to know if she was out of line for kicking her mom out of her house.

Let’s see what went down!

AITA for kicking my mom out?

“My children (18M, 16M, 15F) are all extremely talented. My eldest is a ballet dancer, second is an athletic swimmer, third is a violin genius.

I’m so proud of them and all their achievements and I have photos, medals, trophies etc all over the house. I don’t think this is weird or anything out of the ordinary.

My mother is visiting and nothing significant happened. My husband and I decided to take the kids out, we asked my mom if she wanted to come but she said she was tired and wanted to rest.

When we came back, we noticed that a framed photo of my eldest son on stage+a few of his dance medals, two of my second son’s swim meet medals and another framed photo but of my daughter playing violin and one of her certificates were gone.

My mom quickly admitted that she took them down because she felt like I was showing off too much and that we were coming off as obsessed and snobby. Apparently, we’re being tacky? To make matters worse, she decided to make fun of my eldest son for doing ballet as well.

My husband asked her if she was being serious but she just told us that she’ll give the things back once she leaves. I started laughing in disbelief and told her to give the things back immediately as she’s leaving now.

She was UPSET. She gasped and told me that I have no right to kick her out as her daughter and that I’m being disrespectful but I told her that she was the one who disrespected me by doing something so ridiculous. I mean who does that?

My mom left and did give back the things she hid but cursed me and my husband the whole time. She even made a Facebook post about how disrespectful and ungrateful your own children are. My sister is horrified that I kicked her out as she’s our mother, older and a woman in an unfamiliar town but my mom’s always travelling so idk why it’s such a big deal.


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