Woman Wants to Know if She’s Wrong for Not Wanting Her Boyfriend’s Kids at Her Birthday Party

It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to…

I know that goes for kids, but does it also include adults at their birthday parties?

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AITA for not wanting my BF’s kids to come to my birthday party?

“Okay, pretty self explanatory. I (23) have been the “stepmom” to my boyfriends (30) 2 kids for the last few years. Him and BM trade off the kids every week, so last year, we had the kids (they’re 4 and 6) for my birthday. No problem, we had a blast, kept it low key, and I was fine with that.

Well this year rolled around and I knew it would be their weekend to be with their mom on my birthday. GREAT – I can plan something with no kids and throw a real party and really relax with drinks and friends and all that good stuff. I’m in my early twenties and I doubt most people my age would feel otherwise.

So I decided to rent a really nice place with a pool and just invite all my friends and boyfriend’s family (parents, siblings). No kids, seeing as my bfs kids aren’t coming either.

Well now he tells me that he’s going to have the kid’s mom drop off the kids at the rental house on my actual birthday (day 1 of the weekend) and we’ll have them for the day/night. I’m really blunt and I told him I was just thinking we could keep it no kids because that was the original plan.

Am I the a**hole? When we have his kids, I am 100% their mother figure and therefore they need me for EVERYTHING. I am never alone, my name is always being called, and I just want a weekend, MY weekend, where I can let loose and enjoy myself and not have to worry about babysitting.

I understand that some of BF’s family might come but I don’t see how that’s excluding the kids if they were already supposed to be at their designated parents home for that weekend anyway.

Well now understandably my BF is very upset, and I don’t know if it’s just the age difference and maybe he’s just far more mature than I, but in my mind I sure as hell will be planning occasional kid-free parties/vacations when I have children of my own.

Bottom line is, I just want to cancel the whole thing if it means I have to babysit the entire time and not be able to relax for the party/weekend that I’m literally paying for, for myself. I feel like I deserve it, plus the kids are always fighting/crying and I just do not feel like dealing with that for one time.

Am I the a**hole?!”

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