Woman Wants to Know if She’s Wrong for Ruining Her Friend’s Gender Reveal Party

Uh oh…this sounds like it got pretty ugly.

Because you and I both know that people take their gender reveal parties very, VERY seriously.

So did this woman act like a jerk?

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AITA for “ruining” my friend’s gender reveal?

“My (27f) friend (29F) is pregnant. She wanted to do a gender reveal, so at her 20 week ultrasound she got the ultrasound technician to write the gender on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope and gave it to me.

She wanted me to order those smoke cannons for her, her husband and their kids to pop at a photograph session to reveal what their new baby is going to be. Personally I don’t see the point in them, but it made my friend happy and I felt honoured that she trusted me with such a secret.

When she handed me the envelope she made me swear that under no circumstances I would tell her what it is no matter how much she begged, or tell anyone else. I agreed.

Fast forward, I’ve had this envelope for 2 weeks now, I’ve ordered the cannons and the gender reveal is in a few days. For the past 2 weeks my friend has HOUNDED me with texts begging me to just tell her what it is, but then following up with “actually no I don’t want to know”. And it’s just been going back and forth like that.

The texts were annoying but I just ignored it and understood she was just excited. But the past 3 days she had begun hounding me at work – I work an office job and I’m in and out of meetings all day. After the first day of a call into my work I asked her to please just chill out and stop calling me at work. I reminded her that she made me promise not to tell and she’d find out soon enough.

Here is where I may be the a**hole, I’d been having a c**ppy day at work with a particular client being a giant PAITA. I was stuck in a meeting with this client and the receptionist stuck her head in and said I had an urgent phone call, thought it may have been my kids school so I excused myself and took the call. It was my “friend” AGAIN.

I just snapped and told her if she wanted to know so badly it’s a boy!” And then I hung up the phone. My husband thinks I’m in the right because there is only so much one person can take. But our mutual friends are calling me the AH because I should have just kept my mouth shut.


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