Woman Wonders if She’s Wrong for Reporting Sexist Coworkers to HR (and Getting Them Fired)

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You can always count on Reddit’s “Am I The A-hole” subreddit to serve up a super controversial story!

This time, a woman wants to know whether she was in the wrong for getting some sexist coworkers fired.

The woman says she caught several guys from her job making a “hot list” — a ranked list of every woman in the department by hotness. She found out at an after-work happy hour.

“Everyone was having a good time and there were about 20 of us there (from about 30 people in our department),” she wrote. “I go to the bathroom, and as I am about to exit the hall to the bathroom I hear my co-worker say my name from around the corner of the wall. Perhaps I shouldn’t have eavesdropped, but curiosity/suspicion got the best of me and I did.”

That’s when she overheard them discussing the hot list (their own name for the list).

“I was upset and disturbed,” she wrote. “I was quite friendly with 2/3 of the guys, actually.”

So, she went to HR to let them know what was going on. Thanks to a “zero-tolerance policy,” all three men were let go 24 hours later.

“Now I feel terrible,” the woman said. While she hated how the men were talking about women, she didn’t expect or want to see them fired. To make matters worse, she’s now being called a snitch.

Most commenters, though, agree with the woman here.

“HR didn’t get them fired. Their own actions did,” one user wrote.

As some users pointed out, going to HR was a perfectly reasonable response. She didn’t fire the men herself! This could’ve easily been their second or third offense, which led to the prompt termination.

A few people, though, cruelly implied that the woman was only mad because of her rank on the list, which… OK.

And a minority of voters felt that this conversation was “private” enough that it should’ve been permissible.

In the end, the post on Reddit became locked due to trolls. Lesson learned: Don’t make “hot lists” at work like a middle schooler.