Woman Wonders Whether She Was Wrong For Inviting Husband’s Secret Daughter To Meet Her Sisters

Marriage, y’all. I swear, I’ve always known that it’s a flawed institution and harder than it looks, but until I started reading AITA the posts, I didn’t realize how many complete jerks were out there fooling people into matrimony.

Strictly speaking, if you’re involved with someone who acts like a child, it’s best not to have children with them.

This woman (who is 12 years her husband’s junior), had likely been ignoring red flags for some time – but since she has infant twins, we’ll forgive her not having the extra energy to deal with it.

After her daughters were born, OP learned that her husband had a 16-year-old daughter he’d never mentioned when the daughter messaged asking whether or not she could meet her new sisters.

I (23) recently gave birth to twin girls when I found out my husband (34) has a teenage daughter who is 16 years old.

I am very active on social media and post cute photos of my twins on there, my husband’s daughter (let’s call her Sophia) happened to find my account and messaged, saying that she’s my husband’s daughter and that she found my account when I was still pregnant with my twins, that she been too shy to message me but has finally found the courage and is wondering if she could meet her new baby sisters someday.

When OP asked, the daughter was able to provide irrefutable proof that she was who she claimed.

I of course was a little freaked out because I never heard of my husband having any other children so I asked her a bunch of question and if she had any proof that her claims were true, she provided a birth certificate with my husband name and signature and a photo of a younger version of my husband holding a baby.

She confronted her husband, who eventually admitted having a daughter but said he wanted nothing to do with her.

OP still wanted to invite her over, because she knows from experience how hard it can be growing up without a dad, but her husband flat-out refused to consider it.

Now when I brought Sophia up to my husband he at first denied everything for about 10 mins of our argument, until he finally admitted it and said he signed away full custody and doesn’t want anything to do with her, that broke my heart because I grew up without a father and know how much pain it caused me.

I asked my husband to please just let Sophie see her sisters, that my children deserve to be able to know their biological sister, he refused and said what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

OP invited the daughter over when her husband was gone and had a lovely visit, calling her a “nice girl.”

So I decided to take matters in my own hand and invited Sophia over when her dad wasn’t home, she had a great time meeting her, I made her some tacos which she told me was her favorite food and we enjoyed the time spend together as a family.

The husband found out because he follows his daughter’s social media under a fake name (!!) and blew his top.

Things got extremely nasty and he reiterated that he wanted to forget that part of his life had ever happened.

My husband found out because Sophia posted some pictures of herself with her little sisters and my husband seen them. He follows her with a fake account.

He got extremely angry at me and claim that I betrayed him, called his daughter a b**ch and said that she was a mistake and was never supposed to be born, that he was young and immature when he had her and just wants to forget that part of his life.

OP is conflicted, because she feels like her husband isn’t treating his daughter like a human being, and also not considering the fact that their daughters may one day be upset that they were deprived of a sister.

I feel like she’s a human being and deserves to get to know this side of her family, it isn’t fair to her that she forgotten about or just buried in the past.

I want my daughters to be a part of Sophia’s life, Sophia seems like a good person and means well, I felt as if I made her day.

Am I the a$$hole for inviting my husband’s daughter over?

Was she wrong to invite the girl over behind her husband’s back? I just bet that Reddit is going to have some thoughts on the matter…

First, there are so, so many problems to unpack. Who has the time?

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They think OP needs to love herself more.

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They’re also pretty sure this man has a dark side.

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This should have been a light switch moment.

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And OP definitely needs to do some digging…and perhaps some warning as well.

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Y’all, this freaks me out. It feels like domestic violence in the making.

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