If you’re a woman, there’s a 102% chance that, at some point in your life, you’ve been walking down the street minding your own business when some dude decided to make you uncomfortable.

My personal favorite was a homeless man in Chelsea who informed me that he would like to lick my elbows. Not sure why that was his body part of choice, but the phrasing didn’t make me feel less slimy.

Maybe they’re well-meaning. Maybe its a compliment. Maybe you do just need to sm…nope, I can’t do it. Catcalling is rampant, and we need to call it what it is – harassment. And most of us spend our whole lives putting our heads down and ignoring it, pretending like we don’t hear, or even smiling because we’re too afraid to do anything else.

But not Noa Jansma. Nope. She’s had enough.

The Amsterdam-based student decided to start taking selfies with the asshats who were harassing her on a daily basis, and captioning the photos with their words. The contrast between their proud, buffoonish smiles and the darkly invasive, sometimes predatory things they shouted at her sends chills down my spine every time I look at them.

Like this gem of a man, who thinks it’s okay to ask a stranger young enough to be his daughter for a kiss.


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#dearcatcallers “hmmmm you wanna kiss?”

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Or this guy, who I think is technically an attempted kidnapper?

He looks like a serial killer. I know what I would do with him – and none of it is nice or not technically assault.

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#dearcatcallers "I know what I would do with you, baby"

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These fools.

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Mmmmmm beautiful sweet girl #dearcatcallers

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Straight up scary. Why would this ever be okay?

No, there’s nothing terrifying and awful about a GROUP OF MEN cornering a young woman.

I would have called the police. Oh, wait, this isn’t illegal.

That’s a hard no.

One of the worst things to say to a woman you don’t know – or one you do, for that matter. If you wouldn’t say it to a random dude, shut your mouth and think about your choices.

He has definitely not learned his lesson.

Please, don’t be like these guys. Think. Listen. Learn. And leave this poor girl alone, ffs.

You can check out the full collection on the Instagram page for #DearCatcallers.

Bring your barf bag.

(h/t: Bored Panda)
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