Women Ask Their Clueless Boyfriends What the Letters on Tampons Mean

Photo Credit: Twitter

Ladiesss, if your man won’t go buy you a box of tampons when you run out, he is not The One. But you might want to send him with very specific instructions because a lot of men apparently have no idea what the labels on tampon boxes mean. And to be fair, all the different brands and letters and colors CAN get confusing.

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On Twitter, women started asking their boyfriends what the letters on tampons mean and posting screenshots of the replies.

A sad number of men were absolutely clueless.

It all started with this (satirical?) tweet:

And it spun out from there…

One man thought the R stood for “radius.” Another said “rheumatoid arthritis.” Other guesses included: “ready,” “rough,” “relaxed fit,” “regulate,” “real,” “reverse,” “ripe,” “reusable,” or “ridiculously bleeding.”

Other tampons feature the letters L, leading some men to believe that the L and R go together, like left and right.

“I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that people are left and right vagina’d just like people are left and right handed,” one person’s boyfriend wrote.

A surprising number of men agreed.

Anyway, that line of thinking almost makes sense until you see that there is a third kind of tampon with the letter S on it. That’s where a lot of men went rogue with their guesses. One went with “sideways.” Another guessed “spotting” which actually is a logical guess. Still others guessed “small” — as in large, regular and small.

Guys, the letters stand for “regular,” “light,” and “super.” These labels refer to the heaviness of the blood flow that the tampons are able to absorb — light tampons are smallest, and super tampons are largest.

Okay?!?! Boyfriends of the world, tell your friends.