It’s not a secret that men love to openly stare at women’s boobs and butts, however women are usually (not always) a bit more subtle about checking guys out. But women definitely do like to ogle hunky guys, make no mistake about it.

Women on reddit were asked on this AskReddit thread to share the first thing they check out when they spot a new guy.

Here’s what they said.

1. Don’t worry, lexiethesasquatch. We’re all a little bit creepy deep down inside.

Your forearms, especially if you’re carrying something like a heavy box but don’t just flex randomly like those guys on Instagram.

That is such a turn off for me.

I also like your backs for some reason which is kind of perfect anyway because then you can’t see me checking you out, especially on the beach when guys are topless.

I feel like a creep now. Thank you.

2. chicklet2011’s very specific response shows that she’s a girl who knows what she wants. I respect that.

Traps, shoulder width, biceps, forearms, facial hair/jawline, height, and butt.

I also consider body fat distribution. I don’t mind a guy who is on the high end of average, but I prefer even distribution, not all in the gut/breast.

Oh. Also chest hair 🙂

One last thing… teeth.

Doesn’t have to be perfect, most combinations of missing/off-white/crooked are permissible if you pick 2 of the 3.

3. peacebum pulled a Tina Belcher with this one, but I can’t blame her. Everyone loves a nice man butt.

Posture, shoulders, forearms, eyes, hair, smile.


Forearms seem to be one of the most common thing female Reddit users check out on guys.

They’re so popular, in fact, that r/forearmp**n is a thing that exists.

4. Thank you to Topo_Chica for coining the phrase, “douche uniform.”


Because you can be a proper hottie but if you’re wearing a douche uniform there’s no need for me to keep looking.

5. taypayway has absolutely no shame in checking guys out, nor should she.

Thiiiiighs and butts.

Catch me staring, I don’t care

6. Kush_Lash_Kush_Lash focuses on the more important things.

Checking account.


7. poo_smudge wants hands that have something to say.

Neck and hands.

If i can picture my self kissing his neck then i’m attracted to him.

And i like hands that say “ive done some manual work” with clean and cut nails that say “i know how to clean up after work”

8. sarahcarrasco is just searching for her L.L. Bean boyfriend. Aren’t we all?

Does he have a beard?

If not, does he have the ability to adequately grow one?

Even better than the girls’ answers on this thread were the male reactions:

AdseyV has finally learned the power of the mighty forearm.

Well s**t, I’m off to work on my forearms.

B. ShowMeYourTiddles might need to rethink his workout routine.

Not a single vote for legs.

Message received: Always skip leg day.

C. Don’t worry, ShavedArm, we’re still checking out your personality. (Right after we check out your butt.)

Does no one check out my personality…?

Because its pretty good…

TL; DR girls love forearms, butts, and large bank accounts. Guys, take note!

What do you think, folks?