15 Women Share Things Men Should Not Feel Insecure About


Fellas, fellas, fellas…we like to pretend that we’re confident and we have it all figured out, but deep down we all know that’s total BS. We’re just as insecure as women and we have a whole host of issues.

Don’t try to deny it!

But there’s good news! Because these women of AskReddit went on the record and shared what we don’t need to feel insecure about. Your day is about to get a lot better.

1. Cats are great! What’s the problem?

“Liking cats, especially kittens. Why do some guys get their boxers in a twist about cooing over animals that are objectively cute and lovable? Chill out and pet the damn cat.”

2. Belt it out!


I love when I’m at a chill pizza joint and the cooks in the kitchen are singing. Doesn’t even matter if they’re not great singers. I love when people are happy enough to sing!”

3. Don’t worry about it

“Some friends of mine are really insecure about not being able to grow a beard. To be honest it doesn’t really matter.”

4. Just own it

“It’s ok to not be the smartest person in the room. Admitting you don’t know/understand a thing does not make you look weak. Blustering your way through makes you seem like an arrogant ass.”

5. It’s okay to be vulnerable

“Guys aren’t there to “protect” and “have a shoulder to cry on”, they need love and affection as well as we women. It’s totally okay to need a safe place now and then and just talk, you don’t have to be emotionless.

We don’t need strong hands wrapped around us, we can hold hands and walk side by side. Your height and muscle weight is not as relevant as some toxic ppl may make you think it is.”

6. Ladies like it

“Balding. So many guys try to hide it or even get plugs or constantly wear hats. Just keep the sides cut close (buzzed or shaved), and most women will actually think it’s attractive.”

7. Get that fruity drink!

“Don’t feel insecure about liking “girly” things. Order that fruity drink, watch that rom com, and sing in the shower. A lot less people care than you might realize.”

8. I don’t think they really care

“Idk if it’s true or not, but I’ve heard a lot of guys are insecure/care a LOT about their hair. One of my guy friends once told me that he spends a good 15 minutes in the morning styling it so it looks okay. Honestly, I don’t really notice a guy’s hair unless it’s drastically different from everyone else (i.e. like buzz cut, super long, or just some wild hair).”

9. Skin and bones

“Being too skinny.”

10. Not so important

“Guys shouldn’t feel so insecure about their body shape. You don’t have to have big biceps or washboard abs in order for a girl to like you.”

11. Let the emotion out

“Dont feel insecure about showing your feminine side, or of being emotional or sharing any interests/beliefs that may not be considered “manly”

Seriously, I love a guy who’s confident enough with himself to be open and different.”

12. You can’t control it

“Basically anything you can’t control! If anyone tries to shame you for you height, hair, beard or no beard, dick size, They are complete idiots and not worth your time.

But also, being skinny. I see a lot of body shaming towards guys about that and it breaks my heart. You don’t have to be muscular or big or anything. So many girls like slender men. (But not slender man, he’s scary).”

13. Machismo? Bah!

“You don’t have to be super tough, macho or masculine all the time. Be yourself!”

14. It’s all fine

“Back Hair – its hair, it’s fine

Having a belly instead of abs – its more comfortable anyway

Not having HUGE ARMS – see above

Not having a massive dick – I’ve found its more of a hindrance, especially if they dont know how to use it

Crying or having emotions in general – we like it.”

15. It’s no big deal


I know the popular presumption is ~anyone under 6 ft is screwed~ but if a girl considers a couple inches to be a dealbreaker she’s not worth your time anyway. I’m short, but lots of my tall and beautiful friends have dated men somewhat to quite a bit shorter than them. It’s no big deal.”