Woodnest Cabins Provide Luxury Treehouse Escape in the Forests of Norway

Do you have fond childhood memories of playing in a treehouse? Do you enjoy the outdoors? BUT… do you dislike camping?

Woodnest has the perfect vacation getaway for you.

You can now rent a luxury treehouse experience in the forests of Norway.

Nestled in the forest, near the town of Odda, Norway are two luxury treehouses. Each Odda Treehouse is attached to a single tree, which shoots through the center of the house.

The steel collar, attached to the trunk of the tree, eliminates the need for additional support, leaving the forest floor below untouched and giving the impression of a nest free-floating among the trees.

This minimally invasive design is the work of Helen & Hard Architects, who say their aim was “to create a space that truly embodies what it means to dwell in nature.”

Each treehouse includes wifi, running water, sleeping accommodations for up to 4 people, a kitchenette, and is accessible via ramp.

Although, the Odda Treehouses are not accessible via car. Renters must hike to their designated Odda Treehouse, but the journey is part of the overall experience.

No more sleeping on the cold earth or squatting in the bushes when nature calls.

You can enjoy a warm shower, heated floors, and remarkable views of the fjord all from the comfort of your Odda Treehouse.

The creative team behind this breath-taking experience is the Aano family, including partners Kjartan and Sally and their daughter Lily. The treehouse plays a significant part in the love story of Kjarta & Sally, making this endeavor even more special.

It is important to the Aano family that their guests experience that “wow” moment when they gasp at seeing the treehouse for the first time.

Each rental starts at 2800 nok, which translates to $331.34 in United States dollars. The treehouses are currently booked through September 2021, and are taking reservations as far out as September 2022.

Would you book a night in one of these Odda Treehouses?

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