15 Funny Posts That Will Hopefully Make You Forget About The World


It’s true. Between threats of nuclear war, famine, the new Taylor Swift single, and the fact that we have to wait a stupid long time for the next Wonder Woman movie, it’s hard to argue that the world isn’t going to hell in a handbasket.

But, like Nero before us, we must realize that there is only one good way to view the world as it burns – having a bit of a laugh, even if people think we’re crazy (and terrible at the violin).

Now you’re probably thinking that this post started so far off the rails that we’ll never be able to find our way back to the list, but you would be wrong, my friends.

You would be very wrong.

Because these 15 posts are exactly what you need to go with your wine and your hopes that it might not be too late to put out the flames after all.

15. For when you need to remember to celebrate yourself

Photo Credit: Tumblr,sweeneytad

14. Only a real pet owner knows all the “spots”

Photo Credit: Tumblr

13. Yes! Unless you don’t feel like smiling, which is also totally fine.

Photo Credit: Tumblr,seedy

12. What a story to tell. Ha!

Photo Credit: Tumblr,thedailylaughs

11. So excited he took multiple pics!

Photo Credit: Tumblr,because-edmund

10. This entire post made me so happy

9. She sounds SO PROUD of her goat #awww

Photo Credit: Tumblr,thedailylaughs

8. A little strange, but the message gets through. You do you, girl.

7. A-freaking-men

Photo Credit: Tumblr,thedailylaughs

6. Dare you not to smile

Photo Credit: Tumblr,tumblrsbest

5. Best idea ever

4. I need an update on where this kid is in 20+ years

Photo Credit: Tumblr,tuesday

3. Do not go to Tumblr if you want a normal answer. But do go to Tumblr if you want an awesome answer.

2. It’s the fact that he’s laughing that makes this great

Photo Credit: Tumblr,thedailylaughs

1. Get it

Photo Credit: Tumblr,allantruong

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