15 People Share Their Stories About #WorstGiftEver

#15. This could have doubled on #AwkwardBreakups

Photo Credit: NBC

#14. I mean but some people’s names are really hard to find. Blame your parents.

#13. This is everyone’s grandma.

#12. What’s wrong with a good space heater?

#11. Ouch.

#10. I’m guessing this was also the day you made the sad discovery that your girlfriend wasn’t all that bright.

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#9. Everyone needs a mom who will tell you the truth.

#8. Not the most subtle of gifts, but effective.

#7. Practical gifts never go out of style.

#6. I feel like living gifts are pretty much never a good idea.

#5. I mean, if he’s paying for college, I probably wouldn’t complain…

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#4. According to this hashtag, there are a lot of re-gifters out there.

#3. …for all those nights when you pee the bed?

#2. This truly might be the worst gift ever.

#1. I wonder how many years of therapy that took to shake.

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