Would This Parent Be a Jerk if They Banned Their Son’s Crush From Their House? People Responded.

Did you ever have friends banned from your house by your parents when you were growing up?

I sure did!

And it turns out my folks aren’t the only ones fond of this method.

Read this parent’s story and see if you think they’re going too far.

WIBTA if I banned my son’s boy crush from our house?

“My son (16m) has dated this girl (16f) for a year and half, we knew she never had a good home life, her dad leaves for weeks even months at time, and the mom is always high and drunk and and screams at her.

2 weeks ago her mom got drunk/high and caused a small fire and wouldn’t wake up, we told his girlfriend she could live with us.

She was actually happy, in a good mood everyday once she started living with us. My son just dumped her, said he likes boys. If that wasn’t bad enough, he’s bringing this boy that likes over to the house, he’s talking about how much he likes him and how handsome he is, when she’s just in the other room and can hear him

She’s been in tears.

WIBTA if I banned this boy from the house?”

And here’s what people on Reddit had to say.

This reader said they would be an a**hole if they did this.

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Another individual said they need to communicate openly with their son about this and they think the ex-girlfriend shouldn’t stick around for too long.

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And this Reddit user said they are NTA and they had some thoughts about this situation.

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