Would You Be Upset To Learn Your Husband Had “Gifted” Your Positive Pregnancy Test To His Mother?

Pregnant women often get accused of being hormonal and overly emotional, and while that may technically be true on occasion, those facts can also be used to gaslight them into compliance.

OP is pregnant for the first time. Her husband has been married (at least) twice before but has never had children, either, so their baby will be his mother’s first grandchild.

I (f27) found out I was pregnant very recently, My husband (m34) and his family are beyond happy and excited. from what I heard my husband was married 2 times before but couldn’t have kids for 10 years.

This is obviously a huge deal for his family because his mom will be a first time grandma with this baby.

She’s super excited, and even threw OP (or more accurately, herself and her new grandbaby) a party to celebrate.

While there, she mentioned starting a “keepsake” box for her grandchild and when pressed, revealed that her son had “gifted” her OP’s used, discarded, positive pregnancy test.

They threw a celebration dinner for us and as his mom and I were talking about the baby. She told me about how she already started “making memories” started having “keepsakes” of her grandbaby.

I felt a bit confused and asked if my husband bought something for the baby and gave it to her.

She said no but he did bring her my used pregnancy test and gave it to her to store as a “memory” of the news of her grandbaby’s exisistance.

OP was initially shocked, but once that wore off she lost her cool, telling them it was invasive and gross and she wanted the test back or to be thrown away.

I was floored. I looked at my husband like “did you really do that?” and he nodded while smiling. NGL I felt creeped out, disgusted and very uncomfortable.

After the initial shock I just went off on both of them calling what they did creepy and disgusting and highly violating. My husband argued that it was not a huge deal, he just grabbed the test once I got rid of it, put it in a plastic bag and “gifted” it to his mom as “keepsake”.

I told him it made me feel violated and creeped out because that test had my literal pee on it. His mom then said something about “taking care” of the smell and I lashed out even more and demanded they get rid of it but they kept arguing calling me controlling.

She left the party when no one took her seriously. She and her husband argued later, with him telling her that it was “all about the baby” and she was “making it about her.”

BIL asked me to calm down but I decided to just grab stuff and go home. My husband started arguing about how this is all just an overreaction and said that I ruined his and his family’s joy by how I behaved after finding out about the pregnancy test.

He said for him and his mom it’s all about the baby but I somehow made this whole thing about me and hurt their feelings in the process.

But that was my literal pee on that test and I just couldn’t help but flip out even if it ruined their joy for the news.

did I overreact?

OP is wondering if she overreacted, but I have a feeling Reddit’s reaction is going in a whole other direction.

Several people referenced the Handmaid’s Tale and worried that the husband/MIL have just been looking for a woman to bear his child this whole time.

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Something about the whole situation seems odd, and not at all in a charming way.

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People are definitely more than a little bit creeped out.

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It’s not too late to get away, but it might be soon…

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It seems unlikely this mama’s boy is going to change.

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This is definitely one of those cases I wish had an update, or would in the future.

If she was your bestie, what would you tell her to do? Let’s hear all about it in the comments!