Yes, It’s True. Drake Bought a $395,000 Mattress.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

If the cost of your mattress corresponds to your sleep quality, then Drake should be the most well-rested person on Earth. Let’s just say Drizzy should have no trouble catching z’s on a bed that’s price will literally knock you to the floor.

In a recent Architectural Digest story, the millionaire rapper took fans on a tour of his immaculate 50,000-square-foot mansion. His Toronto pad is something straight out of the movies. Listing off its features may make you reconsider your career.

Drake’s insane mansion includes a 20,000-piece Swarovski crystal chandelier, a complete recording studio and an indoor swimming pool. Speaking of indoor, he also has a basketball court that meets NBA regulations. Perhaps he’ll invite Raptors star Kyle Lowry over for a game of one-on-one. Those expensive elements pale in comparison to Drake’s high-priced mattress.


So what’s the damage? Well, Drake’s custom bed checks in at just under $400,000.

Getting beauty sleep is important when you’re a multi-millionaire artist. And in a pressure-packed, social media-driven world, even Drake needs to unwind.

“The bedroom is where I come to decompress from the world at the end of the night and where I open my eyes to seize the day,” Drake told AD. “The bed lets you float …”


Drake’s $395,000 mattress was produced by Hastens, a Swedish company that has more than 350 locations across the globe. According to Linus Adolfsson, who owns Hastens Los Angeles, the premium-priced mattresses are built to last between 50-100 years, which seems rather insane.

Adolfsson answered what makes the mattresses so expensive…

“So, how many springs, how many turns, and the last thing is layers of horse hair. The more horse hair allows for the bed to conform more, and allows for the bed to breathe more.

That is the general things. If we look at the beds from $10,000 and up to $390,000, it’s a very big difference in the amount of materials in the beds.”


Named Grand Vividus, Drake’s mattress weighs nearly a half-ton and took about 600 hours to produce. However, it also included some unique design elements to enhance its artistic value and style.

“This is the first time when a mattress truly became a design object. What design means is functional art. So, seeing a mattress with just the most beautiful designed objects in the world, to truly be a masterpiece, is going to make this launch so crazy and so interesting.

I believe that your mattress, which you share only with yourself, and you absolutely love, people you love the most in your life. To make that piece of furniture into something so beautiful change the whole perception of the bedroom.”

Considering how much time he spends on the road, it’s crazy to think Drake dropped almost $400,000 on a bed. But when you’re worth tens of millions of dollars, you can sleep soundly.

What’s the most expensive item you’ve ever purchased? Was it worth it? Tell us about a time where you’ve splurged in the comments below!