Yes, Taco Bell Officially Counts as a “Healthy” Fast Food Choice

Image Credit: Instagram

The days of regretting the choice to stop at Taco Bell are over. No, seriously.

Folks, they’re been making some legit changes, and those modifications are moving the fast food chain toward being the healthiest drive thru option around.


Now, not everything on their menu is good for your health (or your waistline), but HEAR ME OUT!

In the past few years, their entire menu has been overhauled to reduce sodium by 15%, with a 25% reduction coming soon.


Not only that, they’ve removed artificial flavors and colors, replacing them with natural alternatives.


Their breakfast menu is sourced from 100% cage-free eggs, and they’re looking to bring cage-free eggs for their entire menu in the near future.

And they only serve chicken that has been raised without antibiotics.


Take that, everyone else!


Of course, it’s up to you as the consumer to make smart choices and to control your portion size. If you order everything you want (including those nacho fries) you might be antibiotic and dye-free, but your heart probably won’t thank you.


Try ordering vegetarian or vegan options, or order their “fresco” option that removes cheese, rice, and sour cream but gives you back some pico de gallo for flavor.

Like Taco Bell’s nutritionist and dietician says “I can’t believe I work here.”

Just kidding. She told Business Insider,

“We just really encourage people to customize to however it fits their lifestyle.”


So, the next you quiero Taco Bell, go ahead and live mas…but know that you can feel a bit better about what you’re putting in your body in the process.