You Are Given One Wish but What You Wish Happens to Everyone. What Is Your Wish? People Responded.

Let’s play a game, shall we?

Here’s how it works: you are given one wish but whatever you wish for happens to everyone on the whole planet.

So what would you wish…?

Check out how people answered this question on AskReddit.

1. That would be nice.

“Unlimited and free fresh water without pollutants.

F**k droughts, and also f**k Nestle.”

2. Good one.

“I would wish to be genuinely happy at least once a day.

Having everyone being able to look forward to that every day would make the world a better place.”

3. What nice teeth you have!

“Everyone’s teeth are perfectly healthy and stay that way for the rest of their life despite their health and the way they care for their teeth.”

4. Health is the only wealth.

“Good health.

Nobody gets ill, gets cancer, Alzheimers or infections.”

5. Population control.

“Control of fertility.

Anyone who wants to get pregnant can but nobody who doesn’t will.”

6. I like this!

“I wish that every time someone litters that whatever it is flies back and sticks to them for one year.”

7. No more.

“Panic disorder cured forever.

I would gladly share that with everyone.”

8. Change the world.

“That the human race becomes ultra smart and peaceful.

Genius level stuff beyond Einstein.”

9. Amen!

“Everyone has to research a topic and formulate an educated opinion before they are allowed to comment on that topic.”

10. A real gift.

“Everyone to have perfect bowel movements for the rest of their lives.

Currently dealing with food poisoning.”

11. Let’s do our best.

“To become nice and kind, to speak with honesty and good will, to do only good deeds and be true to my word, to be able to help my fellow man and not be afraid to ask for help.

And feel confident and strive to be a better person every day.”

12. Let’s eat.

“An unlimited supply of food. The food has no unhealthy traits, but still looks and tastes the same.

It’d stop world hunger and the fast food industries would crash and burn. No more farming, no more livestock.”

13. Enjoy yourself.

“That no one has to work ever again. We can all just live our lives happily without having to slave away everyday for them.

But if people want to work they can and have the choice to. I’d just wish that it wasn’t a necessity for everyone anymore.”

14. Basic needs.

“That we all have our food, water, medical, shelter, education and other basic needs guaranteed to be satisfied.”

What would you wish for?

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