You Can Buy a Customized Cookie Cutter That’s Shaped Like Your Pet’s Face

Photo Credit: Bakers Street Cutters

An Etsy shop is now selling customized pet cookie cutters, designed to look exactly like your precious dog or cat. Anyone who loves their pet enough to be tempted to eat their face will totally get the appeal.

Bakers Street Cutters personally customizes a 4-inch cookie cutter based on a pet photo of your choice. Their designer creates an illustration from the photo, then renders that illustration into a 3D cookie cutter. The result is truly precious. Because while you could always buy a regular pet cookie cutter from the store, those off-the-track cutters will never capture the unique essence of your fur baby!

Photo Credit: Bakers Street Cutters

One customized pet cookie cutter from Bakers Street costs $27 plus shipping. Is that a lot to pay for one (1) cookie cutter? Maybe, but when you consider that it’s an edible version of your pet’s face, it does seem pretty worth it. The turnover is one to nine business days, plus up to two weeks for shipping.

There are a lot of ways to use these cookie cutters. You could make themed cookies for your pet’s next birthday party (you throw your pet birthday parties, right?). You could make holiday cookies shaped like your pet. You could even make cookies FOR your pet, using pet-safe ingredients.

The possibilities are truly endless.

Photo Credit: Bakers Street Cutters

The shop has tons of 5-star reviews.

“These cookie cutters are absolutely adorable. They look just like my kitties,” one buyer wrote.

“Adorable product! Made to order and looks just like my Hope!” another wrote.

Bakers Street Cutters also creates customized cookie cutters for people portraits, so you can make edible versions of your entire family, fur babies included.