You Can Now Enroll in Hogwarts Potions, Herbology, and More Classes Online

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If you’ve ever wanted to know what it might feel like to attend classes at Hogwarts, well, now is as good a time as any to start remote schooling from the castle, too.

And you guys – I know that you spent half of your time in actual school wishing you were sitting in Potions or Defense Against the Dark Arts instead.

There are seven online classes offered through Hogwarts Is Here, an online social network created in 2014. It’s sort of a cross between an open online course and a role-playing game as you enroll as a first year student, sort yourself into a house, and begin virtual classes.


You can even compete to be Head Boy or Head Girl, if that’s your thing.

An aside about the sorting process – there’s no hat, sadly, so you sort yourself into the house of your choice. That said, most everyone who is signing up for classes on Hogwarts Is Here is likely already a big enough Potterhead to know exactly where they belong. You do get to hang out in the common room with fellow students, though!

After enrolling and being sorted, you’ll need books (time to visit Flourish and Blotts!) before deciding whether you want to enroll in all of the courses, fill up your schedule, complete assignments, and get your grades or basically mess around in the castle, read books in the library, and do your own thing.


If you want to help your house earn points that go toward the House Cup, though, you’ll have to actually earn your grades.

The online “school” offers Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, Astronomy, History of Magic, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Herbology. Every course contains 9 lessons that consist of reading, writing essays, and taking quizzes and exams.

You can actually continue to Year Two, Three, and so on until you graduate from Hogwarts at the end of your 7-year tenure.


If you’re a Harry Potter fan who has some time on their hands, Hogwarts Is Here is the place to be, whether you’re into school like Hermione or more into goofing off with your friends, like the Weasley twins.

See you at school!