You Can Feel Really Classy This Valentine’s Day Because Heinz Made Ketchup Caviar


Now we’re talkin’. Want to show your lady or your man that you’re a high roller this Valentine’s Day…even if you aren’t? Want to finally prove to your lover that you’re a big shot…even though we all know the truth?

Then you just have to pick up some Heinz Ketchup Caviar, and you’ll be sitting on Cloud Nine.

Think caviar, except instead of fish eggs, you have classy balls filled with ketchup.

Get a load of this.

There are only 150 jars of this delicacy available and (for some reason??) they’re not for sale to the public. In order to win a jar of the good stuff and be forever in the graces of your significant other, you have to use your social media powers: the guidelines are HERE.

Best hurry up cause the opportunity to win ends on January 28! Good luck to you!