You Can Make a DIY Cardboard Protective Face Mask Right at Home

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If you’ve ventured out of your home recently to do groceries or pick up a few essentials, you probably had to adorn a protective mask. And while the coronavirus pandemic has made masks a fashion necessity, that doesn’t mean they’ve been easy to acquire.

Of course, protective face masks don’t guarantee you’ll keep the pesky infection at bay. However, wearing one can help block outgoing germs and keep us all a little cleaner and safer.

For many people, buying a protective mask has been a mission. With store shelves emptied by frenetic customers, that’s sparked some ingenious ideas of how to make your own mask. And thanks to a Russian team led by Evgeny Maslov, you can craft your own DIY mask using a replaceable filter and a cardboard cutout design right from the comfort of your own home.

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According to the designers, the mask doesn’t require technical skills to produce. Better yet, the masks can be created quickly. Utilizing the Bumask template, anyone can craft their own handmade mask, which can go a long way toward protecting not only yourself but others around you. The idea originated out of necessity and creativity.

Maslov said,

“After coming to Moscow for a few days in March 2020, I ended up having to stay for weeks. First, because of quarantine, then because of flight cancellations.

After that, I made a conscious choice to … put all of my knowledge to use. That led me to [start] a non-commercial project-lab [with] a goal to put together … lead designers for quick creation of … necessary objects which can greatly benefit society and provide designs to manufacturers in critical situations.”

Maslov further explained that using cardboard allows the mask to fold into an ergonomic form.

In addition, the filter can be utilized for two or three cycles before it needs to be changed.

He also added,

“We want to do it as fast as possible, free of charge, and with the possibility of easy usage and replacement at home anywhere in the world.”

The DIY mask has already started making its way around social media. Some users have already posted pictures of their at-home creation.

Innovation has also led to some seriously creative and artistic renditions of the typically boring and intimidating form of facial protection.

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