You Can Buy A Christmas Lights Phone Charger

Photo Credit: Amazon

Have you ever thought to yourself: “I wish I could decorate my phone like a Christmas tree”? Well, now you can, whenever your phone is charging. There is a string of Christmas lights that also doubles as a phone charger – because of course there is!

The Christmas lights phone charger is sold by none other than Amazon, the website where you can find literally any product that your festive heart desires, no matter how incredibly random.

Photo Credit: Amazon

The charger comes in both white and black. It includes 10 LED bulbs, either white or multicolored. The cord is 50 inches long, and it can plug into any USB port. With a cord length that generous, you could theoretically even turn your phone into a Christmas ornament for a few hours at a time! Hey, why not?

Alternatively, you could bring the charger with you to work to make your office a tiny bit more festive. Or bring it with you in the car. Hell, bring it with you wherever you go. When someone asks you to borrow a charger, pull this baby out and delight them. Boom, instant Christmas magic.

Photo Credit: Amazon

At $14 plus shipping, the charger is pretty much at the maximum price that most people would be willing to pay for something so silly yet so fun.

Unfortunately, it’s only available for iPhones at the moment. Womp womp, Android users.