You Can Now Use Airbnb to Stay Overnight in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile


If you’ve ever wanted to say you spent the night in a giant wiener (and I mean, who hasn’t), well…here’s your chance.

In honor of National Hot Dog Day, Oscar Mayer listed its legendary Wienermobile as available for overnight stays on Airbnb; for the negligible price of just $136 a night, all of your hot dog dreams could come true.


The Wienermobile, in case you’re not a superfan, is a mobile hot dog that can accommodate 2 people with its sofa bed, sitting area, and outdoor space that includes a bathroom and a picnic zone. It will also, of course, include an array of hot dog-related snacks, including hot dogs (duh), Chicago-style fixings, a custom piece of art, and a roller grill that you get to take home with you at the end of your stay.


You also get a welcome kit filled with “hot dog-inspired accessories,” and I’m going to need Instagram pics of whatever that means.

The Wienermobile is parked in Chicago, has air conditioning, free parking, free breakfast, and is stocked with all essential toiletries.


Make sure to check out the full listing on Airbnb. Plus…free parking in Chicago? That’s worth spending a few nights living inside a giant, mobile sausage if you ask me.