You Can Buy a Tiny Replica of Your House as a Christmas Ornament

Photo Credit: Forever Figurines Etsy

Christmas ornaments are often sentimental items that get passed down through a family for years. An Etsy shop has the perfect ornament to add to your family’s collection: a tiny replica of your actual house.

The Etsy shop Forever Figurines is run by Samantha Bravoco of Haverhill, Massachusetts. She hand-designs each custom ornament out of polymer clay and acrylic paint. She bases the designs off of customer’s photos of the house.

Some customers choose to get Christmas ornaments that look like their current homes, while others model them after childhood homes or other sentimental places.


Samantha can even add a ribbon with the address of the house and the dates that it was inhabited. For anyone who has to leave behind a beloved family home after many years, this is a great way to hold onto the place in a sentimental way!


Samantha’s Instagram shows that she truly can recreate any type of house, large or small.


These tiny replicas surely take a lot of skill and patience — the current wait time for each order is three months.

“Everything is custom, handmade and hand-painted so they take time and I can only do so many per day,” Samantha told Today.

Samantha started sculpting in 2015 as a hobby.

“I decided to post some work up on Etsy to see if there was any interest from buyers,” she said. “I was featured on WeddingWire in 2016 for my wedding cake figurines and that got the ball rolling quickly.”

She just started making house ornaments last year, but she’s already completed almost 300 so far. She still sculpts cake figurines and pet figurines, too.

One house ornament is $75 and they’re great as year-round gifts in addition to Christmas.