You Can Buy ‘Turducken-Flavored’ Pringles as Part of Your Thanksgiving Feast

Photo Credit: Pringles

Too tired to cook for Thanksgiving this year? You can just eat a bunch of Pringles instead. Not just any Pringles, either—Turducken-flavored Pringles, which are officially a thing now.

Pringles released the new limited-edition Turducken Friendsgiving Feast on November 7. And if you’re not familiar with the turducken, prepare to have your mind blown: a turducken is a chicken stuffed inside of a duck stuffed inside of a turkey.

It’s certainly less conventional than a simple stuffed turkey, but it’s (somehow) becoming more and more popular in the U.S. In some other countries, it’s called a three bird roast.

Back to the Pringles. Their turducken “feast” includes three meat-flavored Pringles: chicken, duck, and turkey. Pringles are easily stackable, of course, so the intention is for you to stack the three flavors on top of one another, achieving the full turducken experience in chip form.


In previous years, Pringles has released other limited-edition Thanksgiving kits. Last year, it included pumpkin pie, turkey, and stuffing flavored chips.

This year’s kit is available for $15.99. You can buy it exclusively from the Kelloggs website, but supplies are very limited, so don’t be surprised if you don’t get your hands on one.

There’s always next year—and at this rate, God only knows what flavor of Pringles they’ll come up with next. Cranberry? Ham? Crhamberry?!


If you don’t feel like scrambling to order Pringles from the internet but are still tempted to eat chips for Thanksgiving dinner, there are also Roasted Turkey-flavored Pringles available at regular grocery stores.