You Can Rent Malibu Barbie’s Dream House on Airbnb

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Remember when you were a little girl playing with your Barbie dream home?  If so, this is for you.

There is an Airbnb that offers Malibu Barbie’s  “My Dream House” for rent! Your dreams may actually come true.

It has four bedrooms, two baths, two beds, an infinity pool and more!

“For the first time ever, my Barbie™ Malibu Dreamhouse is on Airbnb! Available for a one-time, two-night stay, but I promise the memories will last a lifetime.”

Take a look at this incredible aerial shot!

Photo Credit: Airbnb

The description reads as if Barbie herself were the owner.

“Located in the heart of Malibu, my Dreamhouse has three floors with ocean views and open spaces for friends and family to hang. My pool is the perfect place to cool off from the California sun, but I never travel without my waterslide, so I’ll be taking that with me. And whether you’re enjoying an outdoor meal, watching a movie in my personal cinema, or making s’mores under the stars, the best part is just being together.”

Photo Credit: Airbnb

And if you thought the house was cool, the owner added nostalgic features such as Barbie’s closet – filled with stuff for you to wear!

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Doused in pink, you can be the boss and get work done

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Sleep in a sleek and brightly lit room (we assume it gets dark at night).

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Take a hot bath with your “Ken” in an outdoor tub or enjoy a romantic dinner overlooking the ocean.

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Looking to rent? The site shows this gorgeous home is available for $60 a night, and that is actually not a typo!

This Dreamhouse is a part of The Barbie Dream Gap Project by Mattel.

“Research shows that starting at age 5, many girls develop self-limiting beliefs and begin to think they’re not as smart and capable as boys. They stop believing their gender can do or be anything. This is called the Dream Gap, and to help close it, Barbie launched the Dream Gap Project in 2018. This ongoing global initiative gives girls the resources and support they need to continue believing in themselves.”

Barbie leaves us with this note:

“My Dreamhouse is the perfect place to be inspired and learn new things. I hope it will feel like your Dreamhouse, too.”

Book now before it’s too late!