12 Tweets That Push the Envelope of Silly

Source: @Emma_Oh_

We hear you loud and clear, brothers and sisters…

You want laughs, you want comedy relief, you want to escape reality for a while and just enjoy yourself.


I’m talking about the good stuff! The memes that are guaranteed to make you laugh and then share them with all of your friends.

Aren’t funny tweets just the best?

Of course, they are!

So, I’ll stop my psycho-babble for now and let’s all enjoy these hilarious tweets together! You may proceed!

1. Keep going!

You’ll figure it out at some point.

2. A literal pyramid scheme.

That’s kind of depressing.

3. It sure is comfortable, isn’t it?

All day, every day, in the privacy of your own home.

4. Guys, pay attention to this fella.

He’s 100% right!

5. That’s how science works.

Get on board with it!

6. This isn’t working!

Now what the hell am I supposed to do?

7. That is a sick burn. No doubt about it.

I’m a big fan of this!

8. Don’t make assumptions when you rob me.

You’re just gonna end up looking stupid.

9. Hahaha. Never gets old.

I McLaughed my ass off!

10. That’s a great pick-up line.

I can picture her already getting turned on.

11. Riddle me that!

We definitely have a thing going on…

12. Money well spent.

From now on, she will receive no more presents!

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