You Have to Chase This Alarm Clock Down to Turn It Off

Photo Credit: Instagram

For some people, getting up in the morning is easy. They love the energy of a new day, the promise of a fresh cup of coffee, and they feel invigorated by the idea of twelve or more hours to get stuff done.

For others, prying their lids open far enough to find the snooze button feels like pure torture.


If you fall into the latter group – but still have to get up in order to keep a job, take care of kids, or just be a person – then you might consider this alarm clock that evades your attempts to snooze it until you literally chase it down.

Meet Clocky, the nightstand pet of your nightmares.


This alarm clock performs a number of antics designed to get you up and moving before you manage to hit snooze, from his extra-loud alarm to rolling away from where you’ve left him (including down stairs) – and believe me, the volume and variety of the noises it makes would wake even the soundest of sleepers.


Clocky’s snooze button comes disabled, but you can adjust your settings to allow one or more snoozes before he gets up and runs away, as well as choosing how long your snoozes will last.


For just $40, you can get out of bed the most annoying way possible!

But you will get out of bed.