You Need These 14 Hilarious Netflix Memes in Your Life

There are memes on every single topic you could imagine – if it’s funny, it plays, and that’s exactly why these 14 memes about Netflix work so well.

That, and the fact that Netflix plays a bigger role in our lives than we ever could have imagined a year ago.

14. Words to live by.

Never forget.

Image Credit: Tumblr

13. Define “you.”

And “there.”

12. I can’t decide if this is a real thing.

Welcome to 2020.


11. That algorithm is just a bit off.

Imagine your kid clicking on that omg.

Thanks Netflix
byu/Rocketfin2 inmemes

10. It’s not easy choosing something new to watch.

Even though your friends have recommended 50 other series.

9. Not a fan of this new feature.

Can’t a person just browse anymore?

8. I hope Netflix takes this feedback.

We could all use these.

7. We have become our avatars.

I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Netflix & Chill : )
byu/Fnlyy indankmemes

6. And you can’t deny how ugly things have gotten.

At least we’re all in this together.


5. Every single time.

They do it to you, too.


4. Yes yes you’re hilarious.

Now give me the remote.

3. Why is this so real, though?

Such desperation!

2. Tomorrow you’ll have forgotten it existed.

No one will notice.

1. And you thought Netflix wasn’t judging you.

Someone there is definitely judging you.

I’m howling at these, y’all. Who would have thought?

I don’t even watch Netflix! What is Netflix? I don’t know!

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