You Won’t Be Able To Unsee These 16 Mistakes In Popular Television Shows

If you’re someone who loves movies and television, then you know that there are mistakes and inconsistencies in the very best of both, regardless of how hard everyone tries to make sure that doesn’t happen.

You also know that there is no way to unsee them once you’ve caught on, so fair warning – these 16 errors may or may not ruin a whole halfway decent show forever.

16. Ross has no idea when his own birthday is.

Image Credit: Insider.com

In one episode he says his birthday is in December, and another time, he says it’s October 18th.

Someone with knowledge of the zodiac tell me which one fits Ross better?

15. In Gilmore Girls, Rory turns 16 twice.

Image Credit: WB

In the very first episode, a man hits on Lorelai and Rory, and the former says “she’s 16” about her daughter.

In the sixth episode, Rory celebrates her 16th birthday with a party.

Maybe it was just a delayed celebration?

14. Xo really wants her mom to get that she’s pregnant.

Image Credit: The CW

On Jane the Virgin, Xo tells her mom she’s pregnant once, then when she’s puking her guts out, she tells her again.

Maybe she thinks her mother must not have heard her the first time if she’s still offering her VapoRub, idk.

13. A sibling went missing on Family Matters.

Image Credit: Bickley-Warren Productions

Judy Winslow was actually a main character on the show for many years before disappearing into the ether.

No other character on the show even acts like they notice.

12. Michael’s not sure how long he’s been with Dunder Mifflin.

Image Credit: NBC

In the pilot episode, Michael says he’s been with the company for 12 years.

Five years later, in Season 5, they celebrate his 15th anniversary on the show.

Honestly, I’ve gotta say this kind of tracks with his character, though.

11. Phoebe was always a twin in Friends, perhaps.

Image Credit: NBC

In the pilot episode of Friends,  Phoebe makes a comment about pulling out her eyelashes, and when Paul the Wine Guy turns to react to her comment, guess who’s sitting behind him?

Whoops – it’s Phoebe.

Some continuity person got the axe over that one!

10. Rachel must have been more anxious than we thought.

Image Credit: slipups.com

There’s an episode where Rachel unrolls the paper towels and pulls them to the table, but in an in-between shot, the towels have not been unrolled.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been able to roll them up again so neatly.

9. In New Girl, Robby changes personalities within a few seasons.

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

Robby shows up in Season 2, and his entire schtick is that he’s very nice, but way too boring to be considered.

In Season 6, he’s actually like…the most interesting man alive. Go figure!

8. Kirk from Gilmore Girls wasn’t always Kirk.

Image Credit: The WB

His name was Mick when he was first introduced on the show.

Keep that in your back pocket for your next trivia night!

7. No one’s sure whether Petra’s mom needs a breathing mask or not…

Image Credit: The CW

On Jane the Virgin, Petra’s mom has a breathing mask on while she’s in the hospital.

But in the very next shot, it’s nowhere. So either she has very efficient nurses or someone made a mistake!

6. Maybe Holt is lying about not having a TV in his bedroom?

Image Credit: NBC

In Season 1 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Amy breaks into Holt and Kevin’s bedroom to use the contents of their DVR to get into Holt’s good graces.

But in Season 2, Holy says he doesn’t have a TV in the bedroom because he’s heard it can negatively affect one’s quality of life.

5. The twins on Riverdale never grow up.

Image Credit: The CW

Typically, when there are babies on television shows they grow up quickly (it’s cheaper and there are less rules governing children as they age).

Riverdale has the opposite issue, though – the twins are infants for multiple seasons.

4. Bruce Willis isn’t Bruce Willis on Friends.

Image Credit: NBC

Even though the guys on Friends profess to be huge Die Hard fans, no one seems to notice the resemblance between Bruce Willis and Ross’s girlfriend’s dad on the show.

One of those wink-nod moments, I suppose.

3. Uh, that’s not a pregnancy test, Kate…

Image Credit: NBC

When teenaged Kate takes a pregnancy test on This Is Us, you can clearly see that it’s an ovulation test, not one to detect pregnancy.

So a positive on that doesn’t mean you’re pregnant (yet).

Some naive noob picked that up at the store!

2. This big Game of Thrones moment that doesn’t pay off.

Image Credit: HBO

Roose Bolton never moves, but in those huge moments leading up to the Red Wedding, his sleeve appears to have something peeking out from beneath it.

Fans and viewers thought something big was coming, but it wasn’t because of whatever he’s (not) hiding up there.

1. The math doesn’t add up on The Golden Girls.

Image Credit: NBC

Dorothy says that she and Stan were married for 38 years and that they had to get married because he’d knocked her up.

So how are their kids just now in college??

Argh, y’all. I have such a love/hate relationship with lists like these.

What’s the inconsistency you’ve discovered that bugs you the most? Drop a description in our comments!