Young Dad Steps Away from Toddler for 10 Minutes, She Eats 18 Yogurts

Photo Credit: Yoplait

If you’ve ever spent a day with a toddler, then you know that time works a bit differently in the toddler universe. They are capable of somehow wreaking hours worth of havoc in just a few short minutes.

One dad knows this all too well. Arron Whysall of Nottingham, England left his 3-year-old daughter Olivia alone for 10 minutes. In those 10 short minutes, she managed to find and eat 18 yogurts. In one sitting!

Arron took a photo of the aftermath and posted it to Facebook.

“Have kids they said,” he wrote in the caption with several laughing emojis.

Arron spoke to Today Parents about how this hilarious incident went down.

“I was in the garden for 10 minutes,” he said. “When I came inside to check on her, I saw that she had helped herself to 18 yogurts.”

Arron says he burst out laughing and couldn’t bring himself to tell her off. “She looked so proud of herself,” he said.

Hilarity aside, one might worry about how a 3-year-old’s stomach would fare after eating 18 containers of Yoplait. Luckily, Arron says it didn’t have any negative repercussions.

“She was totally fine afterwards,” he said. “No complaints. She didn’t get sick or anything.”

Photo Credit: Yoplait

Olivia’s impressive feat wasn’t that shocking to her parents. Like many toddlers, she’s skilled at mischief.

“Olivia is very mischievous. She draws on the walls and gets into everything. You’ll come in the kitchen and she’s in the cupboards.”

Plus, she clearly loves yogurt. Yoplait, hire this kid as a spokesperson!