Young Girl Has the Perfect Answer to a Sexist Homework Question


If there’s one thing we can all agree on in this day and age, it’s that you can’t tell anyone – young or old, male or female – what they can or can’t do with their life. Anyone can do anything they want, especially when it comes to careers. Which is why a young girl’s recent answer to a test question at school and her teacher’s response have gone viral.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

The young girl at the center of this story was given a homework assignment that asked that asked about words with an “ur” sound. One question asked for an “ur” word that meant “hospital lady.” Her response:

The girl answered “surgeon” and teacher wrote, “or nurse.” Her father tweeted a photo of the test and also mentioned that her and his wife are both surgeons. So the girl was obviously influenced by her parents, but she also rightfully believes that women can and should pursue careers as surgeons, if they please. The tweet quickly went viral, and people voiced their support for the girl.

Photo Credit: Twitter, Boo_Sherratt

Photo Credit: Twitter, Boo_Sherratt

Photo Credit: Twitter, MD2b_

Photo Credit: Twitter, tottwriter

Hopefully this young lady, and all young girls and boys, continue to break down barriers and change people’s attitudes. Good work!

h/t: Distractify

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