Young Woman Refuses to Have Anything to Do With Her Grandparents. Is She Wrong?

Family squabbles can sure turn ugly in a hurry, don’t you think?

We all do our best to avoid these kinds of situations, but sometimes things just spiral out of control.

And a teenage girl decided to share a painful story on the “Am I The A**hole?” page on Reddit and she wants to know if she’s out of line.

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AITA For Pretending To Not Know My Grandparents?

“Just for background information, when I (19f) was 4 years old my dad d**d. At his funeral his parents told me, my mom (28yo at the time) and my sister (6yo at the time) that we are the reasons he d**d.

They also kept his life insurance money, that was supposed to go to my sister and I.

Since then, my grandparents have refused contact with all three of us and the only form of contact I have with them is them sending me and my sister a $50 gift card to Walmart twice a year (birthday’s and Christmas). The last time I received a gift card from them was on my 10th birthday and it was for Baby’sRUs. I haven’t heard from them since.

They live in Florida and I live in New York so I have no chance of seeing them either, at least I thought.

Flash forward to present day, 3 days ago now, I was in Walmart near my house to get a few things for my mom. When I walked past the pharmacy I saw my dads parents. I tried to hide in the isles because I didn’t want confrontation, but they saw me anyway.

They started asking me a bunch of questions about my families financial situations and college and if I’m married yet, stuff like that. I responded by saying “I have no idea who you are.” They looked angry and shocked by this but told me who they were and after that I told them I had no desire to talk to them and I didn’t have anything to say to them anyway.

I started walking away and was just going to leave it alone, but then they said “you’re so disrespectful. we are your grandparents and you need to treat us better than that. your mom did a terrible job with you.” After that comment I turned around and went off on them.

I said something along the lines of “you are not my grandparents because you abandoned my sister and I after telling us we are the reasons for our dads d**th and you stole his money from us. Don’t you dare talk about my mother either because she did an amazing job with us without any help from you two. I’d be happy with never seeing your sorry faces again.” I started to walk away again and heard my grandmother start to cry, but I kept walking.

AITA? The are technically my grandparents, but they did so many things that are unforgivable.”

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Another person said that it sounds like the grandparents are asking her about money because they might be in financial trouble.

I think they might be on to something…

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This individual pointed out the obvious: if the grandparents were so concerned, why haven’t they been in her life before?

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