Your Girls (Um, Boobs) Will Be Cool All Summer with These Freezable Bra Inserts

Photo Credit: Polar Products

Can’t stand the summer heat mixed with boob sweat? Ladies fret no more. There is a product out that will keep you cool and fresh even on the hottest days: Bra Coolers!

Forget about that gross line of perspiration that appears on your shirts, right under your bra line. And the best part is?

These Bra Coolers are made to fit all bra sizes! Yippee!

Photo Credit: Polar Products

A company called Polar Products, led by creator William Graessle, is revolutionizing the cooling garment game – it’s “a leading worldwide manufacturer of body cooling and hot/cold therapy products.”

Since the company’s inception in 1984, Graessle’s “cooling garments [have been] used worldwide to cool surgeons in hot operating rooms, workers in sweltering factory conditions, military personnel out in the field” and more. Those all sound like important uses for the technology, but let’s be real…boob sweat reduction is the future.

What are Bra Coolers?

Exactly as the name suggests, Bra Coolers are oval-shaped packs filled with a special cooling agent intended to be worn in your bra. Are you worried your nipples may freeze from contact? Nope! The cooling agent is set to stay at 58 degrees – just right.

They are made not to need a freezer around to chill them. Customers can use a refrigerator or even a cooler of ice water. Those hot days at a tailgate? No problem.

Each cooling pack maintains temperature for about two hours, depending on activity, breast size, and body metabolism.

What do they look like?

Photo Credit: Polar Products

Each order comes with four cooling packs and two cotton covers. The products are discrete enough to travel with, so you don’t have to worry about any undue embarrassment. So far Polar Products only has “light blue” covers available, but I suppose boob sweat doesn’t need fancy colors – leave that to your bras.

Since they come in a four-pack, you can keep an extra pair handy at home, at work (shhh…), or in a cooler on the way to an event.

Who would buy these?

Um? Every woman?

But if you need a more practical reason think pregnancy, PMS, menopause, or simply summer heat.

How much do Bra Coolers cost?

Don’t worry, you won’t need to sacrifice your first child or even your left breast. Bra Coolers are super affordable…like $37 and change, affordable. That breaks down to $18.50 per boob, which is a small price to pay for comfort.

So get your cooler packs now and go beat the summer heat.