Turtles are tough little guys with their hard shells, but those shells are vulnerable to people, dogs, lawn mowers and cars. Turtles are especially susceptible to injury when they’re moving to their breeding areas. Fortunately, rescues are there to help these broken turtles heal, and one of those is Carolina Waterfowl Rescue.

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is a nonprofit rescue in Charlotte, NC. They rescue more than 1000 birds per year along with their other wildlife friends. When it comes to helping their turtles heal, they, like many rescues, get creative.

Very creative.

They use hook and eye closures, like the ones on bras, to wire cracked shells back together so they can heal. Here’s an example of one of their patients:

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Hey Everyone!! We are just overwhelmed with people offering to mail us clasps etc. I think we have easily responded to thousands of people today and we just can't keep up with the volume coming in. We have so many other things we really need to help with the turtles. so if I can ask a huge favor. Please just donate the money you planned to spend on shipping. If everyone did this the turtles would never want for anything again. We help so many animals here and our donations have been really down lately. Here is a link for a $3 donation Paypal.me/waterfowlrescue/3 Or a $5 donation Paypal.me/waterfowlrescue/5 Since people are willing to spend this amount on postage it would make more sense to just let us buy food and medications that they need and pay the power bill to keep their turtle room cozy. If you would like to shop for the turtles instead here is a link to our wish list of items that we still need to help with the turtles http://a.co/9xKpSS3 Don’t forget to use Amazon smile when you shop and choose Carolina Waterfowl Smile.amazon.com Thank You for your support!

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The rescue posted about their need for hook and eye fasteners on Facebook, and the post went viral – even getting covered on CNN and other news sites.

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue has been overwhelmed by all the donations received, and they are asking people to donate in other ways rather than sending in their old bras.

Posted by Carolina Waterfowl Rescue on Saturday, June 29, 2019

You can send a donation through Paypal or send a gift through their Amazon wishlist.

The rescue is also in the process of compiling a list of other rescues that rehabilitate turtles, if you had your heart set on getting rid of an old bra. You may want to look for an animal rescue closer to home, for example. Just be sure to check with them to make sure your donation is helpful; these organizations may need other items to better help our reptile friends.

The ingenuity of animal rescues never ceases to amaze me. Thank goodness they’re out there to help turtles and other creatures live the healthy lives they deserve.