10 Bleak but Funny Memes for Modern Times

That dystopian hellscape we always worried about living in? It seems we’re already there!

Recent history has shown that things are indeed bleak. Companies and politicians on both sides of the aisle run things—mostly not for the better.

In this case, you can either wallow in self-pity or celebrate life, however sad it’s become, with ten hilarious memes that turn everyday tragedy into comedy.

1. Shakespeare once wrote, “There’s something rotten in Denmark.”

Looks like he has to update his GPS.

Photo credit: Imgur

2. Ask a silly question…

Just the way Ayn Rand would have wanted it.

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3. Say what?

Always look on the bright side of life, if there is a bright side of life.

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4. Tear it all down.

But look fabulous while you’re doing it.

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5. Spoken like a true hundredaire.

Who could use a little help—c’mon, you won’t miss it.

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6. Do I say, not as I…

Oh, never mind.

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7. Like minds scream alike.

Got a little room on that branch?

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8.  Do you really want to learn that much?

If so, corporate vampires will work around your schedule, with classes at night.

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9. Been down so long, it looks like up to me.

Where else can things go but up?

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10. In those cute shorts?

Mixing things up has never been this fashionable.

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As Blur once said, “Modern life is rubbish.” We agree, but there’s no reason not to laugh your way through it. Hey, you still have to have hope in the face of adversity, right?

Which of these hilarious memes resonated most with you? Share your favorites in the comments below!