Listen, human beings are weird and awkward, and so we’ve all had at least a few totally cringey moments in bed (or somewhere else). Being naked just lends itself to awkward but hilarious moments, so it’s important to try to keep a sense of humor about you.

These 10 people are probably able to laugh now, but there’s no way they weren’t looking for a hole to crawl into when these moments first happened.

10. Oh, dear. Just disappear.

Said ‘put it in, baby’… It had been in for a while apparently. 😬🤣

That killed the mood immediately.

9. Those muscles just relax, and…

I farted while getting eaten out. He proposed about four months later though, so it worked out.

8. Did you finish though?

I went to pull her hair during doggy style, while simultaneously moving my head to kiss her neck.

Ended up head-butting myself with her head and got a bloody nose.

7. She must have a hard head.

We weren’t feeling the position we were in. We decided to change positions and she accidentally head-butted me.

I ended up passing out from blood loss in an empty bathtub.

6. I can’t imagine why.

I was having a one night stand and I was on my period, which just made everything extra slippery and gushy. Every time he thrust into me, it made this incredibly loud fart sound. Not a queef, but like the sound from squishing your hand in your armpit, or like squishing slime in a container.

So I just started moaning louder to try to distract from the high volume toots. In conclusion, I ended up scream-moaning in unison with the faux farts until it’s over. Yeah, we never talked again.

5. This one wins/loses the day.

I was with a friend and we were getting busy. I was probably hit by stress, because I had to stop everything and run to the toilet.

I had the worst diarrhea ever and I swear, he could probably smell it from his room. I wanted to disappear.

4. Maybe they took it as a compliment?

I sh%tted when I came.

3. That’s called a deterrent, my friends.

I threw up on him while giving head.

2. There is so much wrong with this post.

First time sleeping with this guy, it was in his car. He went for an*l, and I’d had Taco Bell for lunch…

Things got gross. He was incredibly understanding!

1. Oh man. Bless.

On my first date I went for a kiss and she didn’t object. But I was so nervous that midway I changed my mind and hugged her. She looked confused.

I apologized and asked if I could try again. She agreed, so I went for second try and…hugged her again. She left after that.

I am dying. Dead. How did they survive?

If you’re brave enough, regale us with your own cringey tale in the comments!