Please Share the Awkward Food Order Fails That Made Them Laugh out Loud

Sometimes, food orders just don’t just come out a little sheepishly awkward; they come out so inexplicably wrong that we all have to take a moment to pause and think, “Did that really just happen?”

Whether you’re the server or customer, you know exactly just how stressful a restaurant experience can be.

Here are 12 more food order fails to start your day off with some serious secondhand embarrassment.

1. Wrong direction

That is not at all the right mood or service that this poor person was asking for.

2. Ah yes, branding

I want to be on whatever this server is on. Seriously, who hasn’t heard of an Arnold Palmer before?

3. Fancy!

Pour us all another one. This is Michelin star worthy treatment right here.

4. Awkward

Now that’s a totally different flavor palette than first expected.

5. Honestly, I’d drink it

So long agave, this is the new age replacement for honey.

6. What a cocktail

You’ve heard of beer before liquor, now meet literally-beer-and-wine-in-the-same-glass.

7. OMG

Talk about culture shock.

8. The misinterpretation of the century

Good to know that I, too, can now claim that all my muscles are wild.

9. Well…

She’s technically not wrong, but technically not right either.

10. That’s not good

Not good, and certainly not kosher – like, at all.

So, that was a much needed dose of Schadenfreude. Who knew that crème fraîche could be such a diverse topic of conversation?

What are some of the most awkward food order interactions you’ve witnessed? Share them with us in the comments!