10 British Foods That the Rest of the World Thinks Are Super Weird


If you’ve spent any time in the UK, you know they have some pretty interesting food and drinks that are considered staples of the British diet. And, for some reason, you just can’t really find them anywhere else.

Maybe it’s because a lot of those items don’t translate super well off the British Isles – in fact, people around the globe find them to be downright weird. Take a look at these 10 examples of totally weird British comestibles.

1. Mince pies

Photo Credit: Flickr,Yortw

“Once my British friends and I made a savoury pie with minced meat (ground meat) and I called it a mincemeat pie and they were like ‘oh actually…’ because apparently that’s WRONG!?!?”

2. Spotted dick

Photo Credit: Flickr,Brad Lauster

“What is spotted dick and why is it called that? Is it named after someone? I’m confused.”

3. Black pudding

Photo Credit: Flickr,Andy2Boyz

“Being an American with an English boyfriend, I spend a decent amount of time in north west England. Can’t wrap my head around black pudding. Pig’s blood and cereal? And it’s at every breakfast place ever there.”

4. Brown sauce

“A food defined by its colour and category. They didn’t even bother to name it!”

5. Chips with vinegar

Photo Credit: Flickr,LearningLark

6. Crisps in a roll

“The weirdest British dish is without a doubt crisp rolls. A dry roll. With crisps in them?! Why?!”

7. Sausage rolls

Photo Credit: Flickr,Alpha

“Why are y’all so obsessed with sausages and sausage rolls? Specifically from Greggs. What’s so great about Greggs?”

8. Scotch eggs

Photo Credit: Flickr,Brian Malcolm

9. Yorkshire puddings

Photo Credit: Flickr,Rob Friesel

“They are awesome, but so weird, like weird-shaped savoury pancakes.”

10. Beans on toast

“Yeah i don’t get the whole ‘mushy carbs on top of toast’ thing, i.e. beans on toast, fried potatoes on toast, etc.”