10 Classic Facts About “Clue” the Movie

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Clue is having a whole resurgence with a new movie and tie-in novels, and I, for one, am happy to see this cult classic return for new audiences and a new generation.

That said, even if you’ve loved it since you were a kid (*raises hand*) there are probably a few things you don’t know about the original.

And you’d be sorry if you missed these 10 facts.

10. The characters’ cars match their names.


If you’re super observant, you’ve probably already noticed that as the motorists are stranded at the beginning next to cars the same color as their names. Neat tidbit!

9. Carrie Fisher was the original Miss Scarlet.

She entered rehab the day filming was supposed to begin and was unable to work out a schedule that worked with her treatment schedule.

8. Lesley Ann Warren couldn’t sit down in her costume.


Miss Scarlet’s dress required boned corsets, which meant Warren had trouble sitting or really even moving. If you watch her on screen, you’ll notice her leaning on the sets instead of sitting – it makes you appreciate her acting ability even more!

7. Tim Curry was their third choice.

Curry’s iconic role as the butler almost wasn’t – Leonard Rossiter was the first choice (he died) followed by Rowan Atkinson.

6. Madeline Kahn improvised one of the film’s best-known scenes.


All that was written in the scene where Mrs. White talks about how she hates Yvette is “I hated her so much that I wanted to kill her,” so the famous riff involving the “flames on the side of my face” gem was all Madeline Kahn.

5. Colleen Camp really wanted the role of the Maid.


Everyone from Jennifer Jason Leigh to Madonna was interested, so Camp went the extra mile and showed up for her audition in costume.

4. You should recognize the Singing Telegram Girl.

She’s the guitarist for the Go-Gos – Jane Wiedlin – in her first film role.

3. The writers expanded Mrs. White’s role once Madeline Kahn was cast.


She was already a comedy legend, thanks to Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles, so they were smart enough not to waste her talents.

2. There was originally a 4th alternate ending.

The director claims he doesn’t remember what the 4th ending was, only that it wasn’t working no matter how they tweaked it, but it involved a scheme by Wadsworth to poison everyone.

1. The pacing was inspired by the success of His Girl Friday.


The director screened the film for the cast before they began shooting, hoping the rapid-fire dialogue would inform their own creative choices. The actors complied, doing their best to copy the clipped, quick delivery.

I just can’t wait to take in all things Clue!

What’s your favorite alternate ending? I know you have one!