10 Coffee Orders That Made the Barista Want to Run Away Screaming

In every line of food service, no matter how generic and mundane your menu, people will find a way to shock and surprise you.

Sometimes it’s in a good way, opening your eyes to possibilities you never considered on the menu you see all day, every day.

Most of the time, though, they make you wonder how the people who order them are still alive, and these 10 coffee orders are definitely no exception.

10. It’s not your fault, you know.

Don’t let the guilt consume you.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

9. I’m kind of amazed it doesn’t even cost a dollar.

They needed some banana bread, too. In case they were still low on blood sugar.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

8. Some things just change a person.

You can’t go back to the person you were before.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

7. She did them a favor.

To be clear, even over an entire day, that’s a lot of caffeine.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

6. I mean, why bother with the 2% milk?

I don’t think a little extra milk fat is going to hurt at this point.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

5. That has to be a joke.

Or maybe the lady is pregnant? Because that combo is NUTS.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

4. Bless his heart.

That man is not a real Italian.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

3. Somebody drew the short straw.

And by that I mean the long receipt.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

2. Make sure you get the nonfat milk.

What’s with these people and their fear of whole milk?

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

1. Extra extra extra.

I guess some people just can’t help it.

Image Credit: Pleated-Jeans

I bet baristas are glad there are so many mobile orders so they don’t have to ring in all of this crap themselves – or keep from guffawing in someone’s face.

If you’re a barista, add your own craziest order to our comment section!