10 College Professors Who Deserve Tenure Like, Right Now

If you’re someone who has been to college (or sent kids to college) then you know that you have certain expectations for the professors who are getting paid to deliver that super expensive education – and that there are way too many teachers who don’t even seem to be trying to meet them.

That said, there are always the ones soaring right past the bar, too, and these 10 professors seem to be examples of exactly how it should be done.

10. Self care is important.

More teachers need to recognize this and encourage it.

i missed a class last friday and this was my professor’s response. if anyone needs me i’ll be crying.
byu/wraithkid inteenagers

9. This is so sweet and thoughtful.

And definitely above and beyond.

I came out to my very religious family a few years back and haven’t been allowed home since. I just got this from one of my professors and had to share it with you guys. I’m 100% going!
byu/snooppii inHumansBeingBros

8. That is completely unacceptable.

You know those meal plans cost an arm and a leg, too.

My professor calling out my university’s meal hall on their excuse for “food”.
byu/Bazerous inshittyfoodporn

7. How you know you’ve found the right job for you.

And everyone is the better for it.

“My face physically hurts from smiling so much today, I love teaching you guys” -my professor, who’s such a good soul
byu/MattyIce6969 inMadeMeSmile

6. When you don’t even have to ask…

That’s got to feel good.

My partner struggled with traditional school his whole life, so switched to a trade program last year. Today, he got this message from his professor.
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5. When you find a like mind…

And you’re too excited to keep it to yourself.

I wrote an essay on Skyrim and this is what my professor commented…
byu/Shonenlegend ingaming

4. A sense of humor goes a long way.

And your students are more likely to learn if they like you.


the life of a film major 😂 #quarantine #coronavirus #foryou #zoom

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3. OK but I want to read this essay now.

I wonder if I can find it somewhere online.

My professor said our term paper could be on any topic we chose as long as he approved it. It was an easy decision.
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2. We always want to see the cat.

Or the dog or whatever else is running around behind you.


Show some love to my communications professor Dr. Spikes he deserves it #onlineclass #zoom #cat

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1. Bless his or her heart.

Because textbooks and university bookstores are such a giant scam.

This professor
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Seriously, just because your students are adults and you (hopefully) won’t have to hear from their parents doesn’t mean you can phone it in!

Tell us in the comments about your favorite college professor and what made them the best.