11 Professors Who Should Probably Lose Their Jobs

I know that teaching college is supposed to be better than teaching younger kids because you don’t have to deal with parents and, since your students are adults, you can get away with a lot more stuff.

That said, there are professors who get away with way too much – if you went to college, I bet you could name at least one personally (and probably more) – and these 11 so-called professors are definitely among them.

11. He’s just trying to hurt people.

That thing is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

My professor’s door from funny

10. Talk about a lack of empathy.

Some days content is more important than form sir.

My professor is a terrible human being. from mildlyinfuriating

9. No stress, right?

Oh my god this would give me so much anxiety.

When professors weigh their grades like this….. from mildlyinfuriating

8. He doesn’t know how to use the projector.

And he would rather not have to ask, thank you very much.

My professor projects power points on the ceiling from mildlyinfuriating

7. This is not encouraging.

What sort of education are you paying for here?

This was an email sent by a professor, who does not seem to know the difference between there and their. from mildlyinfuriating

6. Oh man I bet he got people with this one.

It’s kind of a jerk move, though, don’t you think?

This email from my professor from mildlyinfuriating

5. Not exactly the professor’s fault.

But the communication surely could have been better.

Bought a new Laptop last week. Yesterday my train was delayed by an hour and a half so I had to walk 7 miles in pouring rain to get to school only to be told my professor didn’t come in and that I could go home. Today I open my laptop to this even though it was in my bag without any liquids from Wellthatsucks

4. Maybe that’s the order he’s teaching it in?

Which is honestly just rude, if you ask me.

How my professor organizes her lectures for our class from mildlyinfuriating

3. Not quite right is one way to put it.

This one is just funny.

Columbia professor accidentally poisons self rather than get flu shot from facepalm

2. There might be no right words.

But there are definitely wrong ones, you jerk.

That’s not it professor from facepalm

1. Oh. My. God.

There’s no commanding classroom respect after that.

Professor shares is screen from facepalm

Seriously, I am aghast at the nerve of some people.

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