11 Pictures That Prove Winter Is Beautiful, Too

Here’s the thing. I don’t think that most of us would disagree that winter is lovely to look at…as long as you don’t have a reason to be out in it.

And sadly, for most of us, that’s not often an option.

Still, if you like looking at pretty pictures and want to remember that there are perks to every season under the sun, these 11 images should definitely do the trick.

11. A frozen swimming pool.

Or a skating rink for very small kids.

What happens when the water is not turned off in a non winterized house. 5ft frozen solid from WTF

10. I love when it snows on Christmas lights.

Snow is acceptable around the holidays, after all.

this christmas bush under a smooth blanket of snow from oddlysatisfying

9. No way I would be leaving the house.

That’s a sign from the gods right there.

This just in: Newfoundland changes name to “Newlostland” following winter apocalypse. from interestingasfuck

8. Makes you wonder why this surface and not another.

Science folks, please weigh in.

Came out of work to this interesting ice formation on my car from mildlyinteresting

7. That is one sad state of affairs.

For just so many reasons.

It’s been so cold, I snapped my welcome mat! from pics

6. Ok this is super odd and cool.

It’s actually defying gravity!

Ice coming out of this hole in a hand railing from mildlyinteresting

5. This is very pretty.

I bet the chickens are less than impressed, though.

The way the drizzle froze to the chicken wire. from mildlyinteresting

4. Anyone else strongly identify with this tree?

Like you’ve had enough and you just can’t anymore.

This tree collapsed in a very strange way from the weight of the snow from interestingasfuck

3. No one said being a firefighter would be easy.

This is really beyond what he expected though, probably.

Dutch firefighter after dousing a fire in freezing conditions from pics

2. A permanent twilight.

I bet those birds are really ready for some sunshine.

Snow covered net roof of the aviary in the zoo. [OC] from mildlyinteresting

1. Because people love being creepy.

And I am honestly here for it.

In winter, people at my university take children’s clothing items, dip them in water and hold them in place until they freeze like this all over campus. As the weather warms up the "invisible children" slowly melt to the ground. from creepy

I love looking at these pictures…but I wish it was like, 75 degrees outside while I did it. Ha!

What’s your favorite thing about winter? Let’s show it some love for these 6 more weeks (thanks, Phil).