10 Conversations That Took A Hilarious Turn

Have you ever had that experience, the one where you think you know where a conversation or a comment thread was going and then all of the sudden BAM – it turns a direction you literally never saw coming?

Those can be uncomfortable, but they can also be hilarious – and these 10 posts are all about sharing the times things escalated way too quickly.

10. A bit of a tangent.

Still a helpful review though I guess.

This Amazon review for cookies and cream Pocky.
byu/mikesicle inthatescalatedquickly

9. But not while running.

Is this a cry for help?


8. Wait, what?

Oh my god.

Steal of a deal
byu/Tiffred inthatescalatedquickly

7. If you don’t know how to shower by now…

This might not work out.

Damn you think she’d know how by now
byu/LeaderRing inthatescalatedquickly

6. I would have peed my pants.

Hope they have showers there.

Just a regular day at the saloon …..
byu/musicman827 inthatescalatedquickly

5. I was with them for awhile.

That last one just seems unnecessary, though.

That was a steady escalation if I’ve ever seen one
byu/Ironninja1116 inthatescalatedquickly

4. Why do people do this?

More importantly, why do they think we care?

M8 sold an xbox
byu/hondafocus inthatescalatedquickly

3. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

Other people just want out.

I too enjoy collapsing the universe
byu/LegendOrca inthatescalatedquickly

2. That’s very specifically open-minded.

You might want to have more of a chat first.

At least buy a guy dinner first.
byu/ambrose_mark inthatescalatedquickly

1. It’s just a pen.

Holy buckets.

Isn’t this a little excessive for losing a pen?
byu/Elias_Swanberg inthatescalatedquickly

I love the way people’s minds work, I swear. As long as they’re being weird funny and not just weird.

It’s a fine line.