11 People Describe Situations That Escalated Quickly

You’ve probably heard someone say or seen someone type “well that escalated quickly” when a conversation goes from 0 to 60 on the confrontation scale in no time flat.

The comment can diffuse things, actually. It can earn a laugh when we really, really need to break the tension – which is why I hope someone was there to say it in these 11 hilarious situations.

11. One of these things is not like the other.

I suppose they’re all sort of embarrassing, though.

Top 5 in the world…
byu/JakeTBG inthatescalatedquickly

10. That took a turn.

It was so beautiful to start with.

I’m sorry, what?
by inthatescalatedquickly

9. I was ready to go after “no sugar.”


30 days you will be unrecognizable
byu/aidan4105 inthatescalatedquickly

8. Not exactly a feather in your cap.

I have to think people reconsidered their next surgery with this guy.

0-100 in record time
byu/datoome inthatescalatedquickly

7. A very short story.

But one with all of the necessary components.

Kill it with fire
byu/Wiildman8 inthatescalatedquickly

6. Just something to consider.

Because something definitely isn’t right there.

son is taller than dad
byu/aidan4105 inthatescalatedquickly

5. Whatever blows your skirt up.

Except for that.

Wait… no, that’s not what I meant.
byu/illusoir3 inthatescalatedquickly

4. I, too, would take a goat on drugs as payment.

Or a plain goat, as long as it could live outside.

This sign
byu/Kamikaze_AZ22 inthatescalatedquickly

3. Then he REALLY knew how girls feel.

I hope he became an activist, honestly.

byu/Insert—Name inthatescalatedquickly

2. Just wear your mask.

Because this place is done fooling around.

That took a turn… masks required.
byu/StevenGIansberg inthatescalatedquickly

1. Not just a question but an existential crisis.

As one does in traffic.

How am I driving?
byu/AfroBotElliot inthatescalatedquickly

Y’all. People are really something, aren’t they?

Have you ever witnessed something like this? Tell us the story in the comments!