13 Sweet Moments That Belong In A Romance Novel

Real life isn’t usually like your favorite romantic book or movie, and honestly, once you remember how much crap the heroes and heroines have to go through to get their happy endings, you might actually be glad.

That is until you read about these 13 sweet, sweet real-life moments that almost seem too good to be true.

13. A non date. On Craigslist.

You cannot make this stuff up.

12. It was love at first sight.

They both just knew.

11. Well I need to know the ending now.

Can anyone write this book for me.

10. They knew they shared taste.

That’s half the battle.

9. Never to be seen again.

In a book she would start visiting dude ranches until she found him.

8. And a rockstar novel at that.

Those are pretty popular, and for good reason.

Image Credit: Someecards

7. A lucky break.

Sometimes that’s all it takes.

6. Literal sparks.

The couple that survives together, stays together.

5. Weddings are prime settings.

Throw in a hot tub and a B&B and you’ve got a trifecta.

4. It all came back around.

Sometimes first love is the best love.

3. Bless his heart.

I bet he figured he blew it.

2. You’ve gotta have the foot pop.

Hollywood says that how you know.

1. Was there a prince involved, though?

Maybe this wasn’t a teen royalty romance.

Ahhhhh, love is the best, isn’t it? As long as it lasts, anyway.

Let’s hope these couples get a happily ever after just like at the close of a novel!