16 Moments That Belong In A Romance Novel

Romance novels get a bad rap, but they’re actually great. They make people happy, they let us safely play out our fantasies, and readers love picking up a novel and knowing exactly what they’re getting at the end.

If you’re someone who loves romance novels (or Hallmark movies), then let me tell you, you’re going to love these 16 real-life swoon-worthy moments.

16. This is too adorable for words.

Talk about excellent timing.

15. You’ve gotta keep things spicy.

If it works for all parties, go wild.

14. You snooze you lose buddy.

Man, that must have felt good.

13. He couldn’t let her get away again.

Flow of traffic be darned.

12. He’ll always take care of you.

Actions speak louder than words.

11. A duel that stood the test of time.

I guess they both pretty much won.

10. They couldn’t let it lie.

A missed connection no more.

9. The kids just know.

They get a gut feelings and they go with it.

8. I love when it comes full circle.

Just like a neat and tidy novel ending. So satisfying!

7. Well if this wasn’t meant to be…

It was like her dad was there the whole time.

6. A bookish romance for the win.

Book nerds everywhere are so jealous.

5. This one is so worth it.

Both tweets and all.

4. Excuse me where is my happy ending.

This can’t be right.

3. Neither of them could wait.

Talk about a grand gesture.

2. That’s convenient.

The universe just kept throwing them together!

1. It’s just like a movie!

I want to fall in love in a movie.

These interactions are exactly what little people’s dreams are made of, right?

Have you ever witnessed or experienced anything like this in real life? We want to hear more sweet stories in the comments!